Rainbow Sash Movement Asks Presidential Hopeful Rick Perry to look at his own Closets

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The Rainbow Sash Movement is calling on GOP hopeful Presidential candidate Rick Perry to stop using God as if he were his personal campaign manager. His politics of division and homophobic scapegoating is not based on the Word of Jesus Christ.

In our opinion, he is insulting the intelligence of most reasonable and fair minded people in Iowa, and indeed around the nation when he promotes such narrow-mindedness. The promotion of Bigotry should have no place in our political discussions. The silence on the part of his fellow GOP candidates is deafening.  They are quickly being seen as the peanut gallery of intolerance. The culture of ethics is what most voters hunger for, not the same old, same old politics of division.

Rick Perry needs to look at the closets in his own life before he engages in such homophobic vitriol. All of us are frail human beings in need of God’s saving grace a point that the Governor needs to be reminded of.

What is becoming increasing visible about the current GOP Presidential hopefuls is their ability to engage in the politics of animosity to promote their personal presidential aspirations. God is not about hate and bigotry rather God is centered in love.

We call on Perry to focus on the issues that are confronting our nation such as jobs, the economy, the scandal of poverty, and how best to build a national economy that is based on human dignity and not greed and privilege. It is time to speak the language of solutions not the language of diversion.

Mary Murphy
Rainbow Sash Movement

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