Archbishop Dolan on Human Dignity What a Fallacy

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The Rainbow Sash Movement agrees with Archbishop Dolan, president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) when he says the dignity of the human person is “a primary doctrine” of the Catholic Church, and must prompt Catholics “to treat ourselves and others only with respect, love, honor and care.” Where we disagree with Archbishop Dolan is in the application of that Catholic view.

Since the Archbishop is afraid to accept the debate invitation from Joe Murray Executive Director of the Rainbow Sash Movement we will continue to challenge him and any Catholic Bishop who attacks the human dignity of the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender person when it comes to basic human rights such as marriage equality based on Catholic Tradition. The Archbishop’s two-facedness in these matters only points to his larger problem a lack of humility and education when it comes to the diversity of the human race.

If Dolan can’t engage in a public debate on gay marriage it is only reasonable to ask how effective will be the USCCB Evangelization aka Catholics Coming Home project. Does he seriously think some slick commercials on TV are going to bring fallen away Catholics back to an unwelcoming Church?

At a recent talk given at the University of Notre Dame the Archbishop seemed to be puzzled why this view on human dignity is not understood in the Catholic Community like the teachings on the Trinity, the Incarnation, the redemption, and the Eucharist. The Rainbow Sash Movement believes the reason is as obvious as the nose on Archbishop Dolan’s face. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a theologian not alone a lay person to understand this – Hypocrisy!

The blatant sexism of Bishops toward women in the Church is totally based on their biology, and rather than their dignity as a human person. Here again Archbishop Dolan and US Conference of Catholic Bishops don’t walk the talk. Human dignity dictates that women should be ordained, priests can be married, gay men can become priests, and that theologians be allowed pursue their call without hierarchal back room politics.

The issue of Contraception has already been decided by the “Sense of the Faith” it is time the bishops recognize that pro choice is pro life.

Archbishop Dolan and his fellow Bishops recent moves against theologian Sr. Elizabeth Johnson is just a further example of out of touch the Bishops are on our primary doctrine that is centered on human dignity. How can anyone in the Church take seriously the words these men pronounce?

We agree with the College Theology Society that the bishops’ moves represent a “fundamental breach” in the call for dialogue in the church and wounds the “entire community of Catholic theologians.”

Archbishop Dolan you may want to reflect on St. Paul who was willing to meet anyone in a debate for the sake of Christ. Apparently such zeal and courage are foreign to you.

John Miller
Rainbow Sash Movement

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