Archbishop Dolan “Come Out” and Debate me on Gay Marriage

Joe Murray, Executive Diretor of the RSM Vs. Archbishop Dolan

The Rainbow Sash Movement’s Executive Director, Joe Murray has challenged Archbishop Dolan, president of US Conference of Catholic Bishops to meet him in the public square at any Catholic University in the United States to debate Gay Marriage. Such a debate will not only be informative, but could highlight reason over homophobia.

We realize that Archbishop Dolan is more comfortable taking cheap shots at the Gay and Lesbian Community from his ivory tower in New York, but is he willing to show daring and engage in a disciplined debate that is focused on scientific and social reality, and Catholic Tradition.

He seeks to shield Catholic Bishops from transparency and accountability. Many lay Catholics have been exploited financially as well as spiritually in their rush to deny GLBT people the right to marry, this money should have been used to help the poor rather than to promote a political agenda of discrimination that is not rooted in Catholic Tradition.

No one in the Catholic Community has suffered more from his leadership than innocent children whose minds, hearts and souls were torn asunder by those who stood in the place of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We agree with Baltimore’s former archbishop, Cardinal William Keeler who correctly described such horrific sexual abuse by a trusted minister of God when he used the term “soul murder” for it truly is that and Archbishop Dolan and his fellow bishops have been accomplices in that act. How can these men call themselves pro-life? Archbishop Dolan has been very vocal in his opposition to any proposed legislation in the state of New York that has sought to hold sexual predators and their enablers accountable.

We recognize that our Executive Director’s call for such a public debate will most certainly be met with arrogance, and even dismissal. However, such a refusal will only focus the spotlight on a Catholic Archbishop who lacks courage to stand up for what he claims to believe in and meet in public setting for a debate on Gay Marriage. It is time to replace the feeding frenzy of homophobia with a mature exchange of ideas.

Board of Directors of the Rainbow Sash Movement

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