President of US Catholic Conference of Bishops Claims he Was deceived

Archbishop Dolan or Slippery Sam

Archbishop Dolan (President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops) in an interview on the ETWN (Catholic Cable Network) focused on passing the buck of responsibility, much like he has done with the Clergy Abuse Scandal. Asked why the Catholic Bishops of New York were not more aggressive in fight to stop Gay Marriage in New York, he said it was the fault of their political allies, and he was deceived by them.

One could legitimately ask Archbishop Dolan with all the problems facing the Church both within and without why is he still whining about his political loss in New York. He really needs to suck it up and move on.
Instead of recognizing that the Church in the US has many wounds, Dolan continues to focus on the Gay Marriage battle he lost. One of the most obvious wounds facing the Church is not only those who were sexually abused by priests, but how the whole church has been raped by the bishops mishandling of this tragic scandal.

Our immigration policy is so totally out of whack its focus is to break up both gay and straight families coupled with this is Dolan’s love affair with the GOP over the issue of abortion.

The closing of Catholic Parishes and Schools, the shortage of vocations to the priesthood and religious life, the dismal record of the hierarchy in taking care of our retired priests and religious only exemplifies how out of touch they have become with Catholic people.

While the Bishops give a lot of lip service about the poor they continue support political positions that encourage poverty such as restricting contraceptive services to women who live in poverty. It is time for the Bishops to walk the talk.

Responding to Archbishop Dolan’s bloated whining about Gay Marriage Joe Murray, Executive Director of the Rainbow Sash Movement said “Only when the Catholic Bishops clean up their own accountability concerning the part they played in the clergy sexual abuse scandal will their moralizing be taken seriously. Until that happens they are viewed as hypocrites that are just being dismissed by a majority of thinking Catholics. “

Murray further said Archbishop Dolan needs to repent for the areas in which he and the Bishops have failed, individually and together in seeking healing and renewal through the grace of Christ’s forgiveness.”

Jack Anderson
Rainbow Sash Movement
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