Rainbow Sash Movement Challenges the GOP on Hunger

Love of Neighbor not love of profit

The Rainbow Sash Movement believes it is unacceptable in a country as bountiful  as we are that children, adults, and senior citizens experience food insecurity that puts their physical, mental and developmental health at risk. Hunger knows no boundaries based on sexual orientation. That is why we must comment on Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich’s,  who is Roman Catholic, recent statement on hunger. He does not represent the lived tradition of Catholic Social Teaching, especially in this climate of unemployment,  that if you don’t work you should not be fed.

Faced with low wages and rising housing, utility, and health care costs, low-income households may cut meals or buy less nutritious, cheaper food to make ends meet.

We believe with the “Sense of the Faithful” that the Dignity of the Human Person regardless of gender, class, ethnicity, nationality, race, sexual orientation is valued. The emphasis is on people over things, being over having.

Economy is for people, not vice-versa. World’s resources should be shared equitably. Just wages and rights of workers to organize should be respected.

Charity manifests itself in actions and structures that enhance well-being of all peoples. Love demands justice, and not political posturing under the mantle of religious belief.

Individual freedoms should be in balance with the good of society, domestically and globally. Structures should be created that give men and women opportunity to participate and to fulfill basic needs.

Peace is the fruit of justice and is dependent on right order among humans and nations. The arms race must cease. The calls for war with Iran should be replaced with a call for progressive disarmament.

Basic rights should be respected and promoted. We call on the GOP leadership  to honor the human dignity of every person. Democratic participation in decision-making is a right and responsibility. It is necessary to seek the common good. As Roman Catholics we take issue with the GOP position that if you don’t work you should not eat. We believe basic rights should be respected and promoted in order to seek the common good.

Concerning the right of the unemployed to eat our response to Newt Gingerich is those with greatest need require greatest response; this builds a just society.

As we enter both the Thanksgiving and Advent season let us not forget the problem of hunger, the poor, and the unemployed in our nation. Don’t blame the victims rather let us look squarely at who is responsible , the Wall Street elites.

Let us remember that hunger in this country should be our shame, and not used as a divisive political tool by greedy politicians.

Pam Anderson
Rainbow Sash Movement


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