Governor Pat Quinn to meet with the six Catholic Bishops of Illinois over Abortion and Civil Unions

Cardinal George disciplines Gov. Pat Quinn

Governor Pat Quinn Governor of Illinois received the letter from the state’s six Roman Catholic bishops on Wednesday, which asked for a meeting with the practicing Catholic to talk about a number of topics, “the first being your personal approval of laws permitting the killing of unborn children.”

“We would like to discuss with you, both as fellow citizens and as pastors of your Church, how you and we should position ourselves publicly on this issue so you may be true to your responsibility as Governor as we may remain true to ours as bishops,” the letter said.

The Governor sided with the church when he abolished the death penalty earlier this year, but he has found himself at odds with Catholic teachings over abortion and his approval of civil unions for same-sex couples. This meeting is not about seeking common ground; rather it is about taking the Governor to task for his pro-women, and pro-gay positions.

The Rainbow Sash Movement believes the Catholic Bishops of Illinois are positioning themselves with this meeting to ask the Governor to refrain from receiving Communion until he repents of his present positions on Civil Unions and Abortion and Gay adoptions.

The Bishops recognize they are losing the debate in the public square, and are now seeking ways to get media attention for their positions. Catholic Charities recently lost their battle to discriminate against Gay/Lesbian couples looking to adopt by using public funds.

We believe the real intent of the meeting between the Governor and the Bishops will be an attempt to publically embarrass Governor. While this is supposed to be a private meeting look for the prolife zealots to use it to demand that the Governor be refused Communion if he does not voluntarily agree not receive it.

Cardinal Francis George of Chicago who heads the Illinois Bishop Conference is known for shooting himself in the foot on such issues. While the governor said “I want to make sure that everybody in Illinois, no matter what their faith, has an open door to the governor and can express their strong points of view,” Quinn said. “They may not agree with me all the time, but I think they’ll find I’m open to listening to everyone.”

Sadly the Bishops unlike the Governor believe they have all the answers so this meeting will be a monologue rather than a dialogue. Because of the tension between Cardinal George and Archbishop Dolan look for the Cardinal to use this as PR stunt to get him media attention.

If women were allowed to be ordained we most probably would not be in this mess.

Allen Smart
Rainbow Sash Movement




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