Does Walmart like Catholic Charities Promote Anti Gay Family Values?

Is Walmart joining the Culture of Bigotry?

Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA), among the nation’s largest human services organizations in America, announced today the receipt of a $760,000 gift from the Walmart Foundation to fund expansion of hunger relief programs in rural communities at 12 local Catholic Charities agencies across the country.

The Rainbow Sash Movement challenges the Walmart foundation to insure their contribution to Catholic Charities USA is not used to promote further discrimination against Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender (GLBT)  families who live in poverty.  We have seen how Catholic Charities USA has bowed to the  pressures to promote discrimination against Gay Families when it comes to adoption/foster care.
As a Roman Catholic organization we understand that good works can at times be used to mask a hideous outrage as was the case with the Clergy Sexual Abuse Scandal. But certainly GLBT families have a right to be treated with dignity and respect. Catholic Charities USA has tried to promote discrimination against our families in Massachusetts, Illinois, and Washington DC only to be stopped by those respective states by denying them access to public funds.
Rev. Larry Snyder, President of CCUSA puts his discriminatory dogma above the genuine needs of gay families. Poor Gay families living in rural communities are often overlooked in addressing hunger in the US. This is the same challenge that is often overlooked in urban centers where their geographical location usually makes their needs easier to dismiss.
We are asking that the Walmart Foundation to be more responsible in their alms giving so as not to rob sincere charity in the name of discrimination.
We are also calling on Walmart to follow its own best business practices when it comes to discrimination and not support organizations such as Catholic Charities USA who are hiding their bigotry behind their good works.
As we approach the Advent season it is our hope that Walmart will recognize the dignity of all families, and not just the families we like. Catholic Charities USA supports the mentality that Gay Families must leave their identity and children at the door in order  to get food.
It is our hope that Walmart will join with us in condemning such a mentality, and that their future contributions be representative of their corporate human rights values.
Jan Brown
Rainbow Sash Movement
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