Rainbow Sash Movement Calls On Catholic Bishops to Challenge GOP Presidential Candidates

Find the Courage

The Rainbow Sash Movement is not a political organization our primary focus is how the Church treats Gay and Lesbian Catholics, and the part we play in the life of the Church. We are hesitant to enter the political arena, but since our Catholic Bishops have become so occupied with pelvic issues such as Gay Marriage, and Abortion we believe it is time to raise our voices in support of the Catholic Laity’s unambiguous support of 10 pillars of Social Justice.

  1. Human Dignity of the Human Person
  2. Common Good and Community
  3. Option for the Poor
  4. Rights and Responsibilities
  5. Role of Government and Subsidiarity
  6. Economic Justice
  7. Stewardship of God’s Creation
  8. Promotion of Peace and Disarmament
  9. Participation
  10. Global Solidarity and Development

The public square has been silent concerning a Catholic response to the recent Republican Presidential Debates where the promotion of torture, sexism, homophobia, and opposition to the seamless garment of life play like a feeding frenzy. All Republican candidates have shown an unethical backbone when it comes to confronting such issues during the debates.

The most evident examples of this are when a gay soldier was booed and not one of the candidates raised their voices to support this gay soldier, or during the CNBC debate when moderator Maria Bartiromo asked Herman Cain “Why should the American people hire a president if they feel there are character issues?” She was loudly booed by the crowd, and once again not one of the candidates found the moral courage to respond to such a visible form of mob sexism, not unlike what is happening at Penn State around the issue of child sexual abuse concerning the victims of such abuse.

The issues before us demand that we see our diversity not only as our strength, but also the best way to pool our mental resources to solve these outstanding issues.

Human Dignity, Common Good, and options for the poor must be a fundamental part of the solution; issues such as gay marriage and abortion are attempts at smoke and mirrors. While both issues are important in the further development of our society, they have nothing to do with the building up of our economy, and creating jobs.

Our prayer is that the Catholic Bishops will find the courage to speak out on poverty with as much and more enthusiasm as they have concerning Gay Marriage and Abortion. They are further destroying their authority by aligning themselves with silence when it comes to these basic social justice issues. Catholics have spoken on these issues now is the time for the Bishops to listen and respect those voices.

We are calling on our Bishops to issue a statement of support for the Occupy Wall Street Movement which is calling for a fundamental shift in the distribution of wealth in this country that is based on fairness and not greed.

The promotion of Gospel Values requires that the bishops stand with the poor, and the marginalized, and not submit to mob sexism, and homophobia and the promotion of torture as national policy that the GOP Candidates appear to have embraced.

Pam Smith
Rainbow Sash Movement

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