Catholic Bishops Promote Homophobia in Catholic Newspaper

Christ Came into the World for all

The Rainbow Sash Movement believes the recent resignation of Daniel Avila, policy adviser for marriage and family to the U.S. bishops’ Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage Committee is appropriate in light of his recent homophobic commentary.

His resignation only highlights the tension between the issue of Gay Marriage as an inalienable right and the homophobic view that gay discrimination is a religious belief, and that violence directed at gay people for trying to legitimize their rights is understandable.

Avila only supported the thinking of such Catholic leaders as Archbishop Dolan of New York, current president of the US Council of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles, and Archbishop Niestedt of Minneapolis who are the guiding architects behind the Bishops War on the Lesbian/Gay Community.

The Pilot also issued an apology on its website for “for having failed to recognize the theological error in the column. Joe Murray, Executive Director of the Rainbow Sash Movement responded by saying clearly the article was based on ignorance of the nature of homosexuality, and is in total conflict with Gospel Values.

Murray further said “Once again Gay/Lesbian people find themselves being talked about rather than being talked to, one resignation is a start but without reforming intuitional arrangements that guided the publication of this commentary, in the oldest Catholic Paper in the country, homophobia will continue to flourish in the Church. The moral short comings of our Bishops around this issue are just the most visible sign of a larger failure.”

Terrence Donilon, spokesman for the Boston Archdiocese, told Catholic News Service the column was pulled because Avila “retracted it and apologized and because it simply should not have been printed/published in The Pilot.”

Mercy Sister Mary Ann Walsh, director of media relations for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said in a statement: “While the general population has debated whether it’s nurture or nature that leads to a homosexual inclination, the church has not posed any theory in that regard.”

The Rainbow Sash Movement is calling on the US Conference of Catholics Bishops Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage Committee to recognize when it promotes homophobia over Gospels values the outcome will be homophobia as exampled by the “The Pilots” homophobic commentary. Finally, we are also calling on the Editor of “The Pilot” Antonio Enrique to resign because it was his decision to publish the homophobic propaganda commentary.

Jack Anderson
Rainbow Sash Movement


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