Rainbow Sash Movement Condemns Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston for a bigoted attack


The Archdiocese of Boston headed by Cardinal Sean O’Malley has developed a tradition of playing both sides of the fence. First there was the cancellation of Mass themed “All Are Welcome,” this past June. Most recently the Archdiocesan Newspaper “The Pilot” published a commentary authored by Daniel Avila. Basically the article used homophobic demonization’s to say that God has nothing to do with homosexuality, it was all the devil’s fault, and further inferring the mother played a part.

In the piece, titled “Some fundamental questions on same-sex attraction,” Avila wrote that “disruptive imbalances in nature that thwart encoded processes point to supernatural actors who, unlike God, do not have the good of persons at heart.”

He continued, “Whenever natural causes disturb otherwise typical biological development, leading to the personally un-chosen beginnings of same-sex attraction, the ultimate responsibility, on a theological level, is and should be imputed to the evil one, not God.” It should be pointed out that Avila is neither a theologian or a social scientist.

Avila, who formerly worked as associate director for policy and research at the Massachusetts Catholic Conference, said his piece did not represent the official position of the Catholic bishops and that the column was not authorized for publication by the conference as it was supposed to be. This was lunatic journalism at its best, or rampant homophobia at is worst.

Both the Archdiocese and “The Pilot” editor are laying the blame for the publication of this article at the author’s feet. Terrence Donilon, spokesman for the archdiocese, said the decision to retract the commentary was the result of communication among the archdiocese, the US bishops conference, and Avila.

Since when does passion excuse the promotion of homophobia that Mr. Donilon seems to imply. Joe Murray the Executive Director of the Rainbow Sash Movement criticized the editor of “The Pilot” “ for allowing such an article to be published in the Archdioceses Newspaper. Responsible journalism calls for a higher level ethical standards. The withdrawal of the commentary from the Archdiocese website today only happened after a loud public outcry.”

The Rainbow Sash Movement calls for the strongest of disciplinary action against not only the author, but also the editor for his shocking lack content control over what can only be viewed as a promotion of bigotry in the name of God.

Donilon said the decision to publish the piece lay with Pilot Editor Antonio Enrique. We believe that both Avila and Enrique should be issuing a public apology to the Gay Community in Boston. It was a problem, and we would have dealt with it if Dan had resisted” writing an apology, Donilon said. “This one clearly just got away from him. He’s passionate about his faith and passionate about his church.” As if passion justified such an outpouring of hate.

“The Pilot” incident happened because of the reckless and bigoted attacks on Gay Marriage in Boston, and the state. Not only has the Catholic Conference of Massachusetts spread this homophobic venom, but ultimately it is US Conference of Catholic Bishops war against gay marriage that has enabled it. More importantly than an apology is reconciliation with all that entails according to our faith, and justice is key component of that reconciliation. But ultimately we hold Cardinal Sean O’Malley responsible for this bigoted commentary in the Archdiocesan Newspaper. This is what happens when you promote the idea that gay people are morally disordered to think otherwise is just not reasonable.

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