Fox News or a Bigotry factory

Sowing Division in the name of Ratings

When the whole purpose of Fox News appears to be based on a feeding frenzy of bigotry as exampled by what happened on the Sean Hannity show on the evening of October 27, 2011. The show engage in a theater of religion baiting, and bullying. While Mr. Hannity identifies himself as a Roman Catholic he seems to be clueless about the Church’s Social Justice Teaching and its recent dialogue attempts with Muslims. He then goes to attack the Occupy Wallstreet demonstrators who are more in sink with Catholic Social Justice Teaching than are the Tea party.

Is it no wonder that Mr. Murdock has people marching on his home when his employees are engaging on such on air bullying? Instead of seeking common ground and engaging a mature dialog Fox News seems to be engaged the same mentality that World News in London engaged when it hacked into a murder victim’s cell phone to promote ratings. Ratings seem to be a justification for fanning the flames of hatred in this nation. There is no difference between greed of Corporate American and Rating Greed of Fox News.

The Rainbow Sash Movement is calling on Mr. Murdock to tone down this divisive rhetoric that is beginging to threaten the fabric of our society.


Rainbow Sash Movement Media

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