Susan Sarandon Owes No One An Apology

Censorship only harms Faith

The Rainbow Sash Movement understands that we live in a diverse community
of opinions. But even on a more fundamental level we are governed in ths matter
by our right to freedom of speech.

The Catholic Church Teaches that all people are to be treated with Human Dignity, and this includes those we disagree
with. The Catholic League’s recent attack on Susan Sarandon is, in our opinion,
not representative of Catholic thinking, nor is it speaking in this matter for the
Roman Catholic Church. We like the Catholic League are a Catholic Organization which
can only speak for itself.

Also, we do not we agree with the ADL’s call for a public apology from her.

Susan Sarandon statement calling Pope Benedict XVI a nazi
at the Hamptons Film Festival over the weekend is her opinion. It might be noted
there are even Catholics in the pew who would not disagree with this view.
Certainly the Pope’s position of welcoming back into the Church those who would
deny the Holocaust such as Bishop Richard Williamson only further deepen

Could the late Pope Pius XII acted more forcible in speaking out about the
holocaust, reasonable people also disagree on this, but that should not be
grounds for trying to silence that disagreement. We understand that Holocaust
deniers are the worst order of anti Semitic.

We believe that Susan Sarandon has a right to her opinion, and we cannot
fault her given the cloud of suspicion that surrounds this pope not only about
his past, but also about what he knew and when knew it concerning earlier issues
surrounding the clergy sexual abuse scandal. In our opinion, she owes no one
an apology for her statement. Reasonable people can and do have differences on
this subject, and those difference should not be used as wedge issues to
divide faith communities.

The clergy sexual abuse scandal has taught us that the Church no longer
gains its moral authority from historical momentum. It builds it from its own

Rainbow Sash Movement Board of Directors


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