Wall Street Demo Is Hope

Wall Street Greed

What is really happening with the Demonstrations on Wall Street? Media influential are getting frustrated because they cannot quite make out the agenda of the demonstrators. If there are no Press Releases, Press Conferences or spokes persons for the demonstrators they are being labeled as a leaderless group. Noticeably the obvious reason for the Wall Street Demonstrations is Greed, and the fact that so many people are out of work dah.

When the working poor, middle class and college students are deprived of their right to the American Dream in the name of unbridled capitalism that promotes the robber barons of Wall Street common sense dictates there will be a response. The only question in my mind is will that response continue to be non-violent in the face of violence that is being directed at the protesters.

We at Rainbow Sash News understand the level of frustration, and anger but if we are going to make any changes in our economic system, and society we must encourage each other on the road of non-violence.

The Demonstrators so far are doing a wonderful job of keeping the national media’s attention even without media savvy. Change if it is really going to happen in this nation must come from the bottom up; we know the top down model is not working as exampled by the comatose congress.

The mere presence of these demonstrators is throwing Wall Street into a siege mentality. It is time to hold those whose greed led to our national economic meltdown to be held responsible under the law, barring that I fear what the future may bring.

Our Catholic Bishops have been silent on this Wall Street Demonstration perhaps it is time for them to start speaking out. Or are they only incapable of understanding that these demonstrators are promoting life over death?

Mary Hammond
Rainbow Sash Movement

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