Catholic Bishops Side Step Death Penality

Pro Life Can't Be Ambiguous

On Monday September 26, 2011 the US Conference of Catholic Bishops Pro-Life Activities Committee released a statement on its October’s “Respect Life Month” campaign authored by Galveston-Houston Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo.

Conspicuously absent from the letter was any mention of the death penalty.

Remember the murder of Troy Davis by the State of Texas in light of this many Catholics both gay and straight found it curious  that opposition to the death penalty was conspicuously absent from the letter.

Could the fact that Cardinal DiNardo’s governor Rick Perry supported this execution, and the opposition of many bishops to Gay Marriage, and abortion has caused a shift to the far right. This certainly would be a reasonable explanation in the face of what appears to be a rout for the Obama Administration against the Catholic Bishops in the cultural wars.

The Rainbow Sash Movement finds this omission troubling and joins the 256  Catholic scholars and activists who have signed a petition calling for the abolition of the death penalty in the wake of the Sept. 21 executions of Davis and Texas white supremacist Lawrence Brewer. The petition cites church teaching, as well as legal authorities and the latest research, to argue the capital punishment is racially unjust as well as immoral. Certainly if abortion is a life issue surely the death penalty is also one.

Bill Anderson
Rainbow Sash Movement

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