Illinois Catholic Charities loses Children win again


A Sangamon County, Ill., circuit judge said in a hearing Monday that he will not reconsider his ruling that the state need not contract with foster care and adoption agencies in the Roman Catholic dioceses of Belleville, Springfield, Peoria and Joliet.

An appeal is expected.

“My hopes will be an appellate court will grant us a stay and our case will be heard on all of its merits and the law, as it was intended, will be honored,” said Gary Huelsmann, director of Catholic Social Services in Belleville, which recently had 630 foster care cases on its books with the state.

The Rainbow Sash Movement (RSM) faults the Illinois Catholic Bishops Conference for this inane situation.  We believe that the Catholic Bishops have put the needs of the Church ahead of the needs to the adoptive children.

The RSM will continue to challenge the Illinois Catholic Bishops to prioritize their Gospel Values, they need to put the needs of children over those of Church Status. When dogma negates the needs of children in order to evangelize religious belief we have to ask the Bishops what would Jesus do.

Once again children’s rights are sidelined by the Illinois Catholic Conference in favor fearing scandal. Remember this is what has got the Bishops involved with another scandal in the Church concerning children. Its time for the Illinois Catholic Bishops to wake up and put the needs of the orphans first.

Alan Brown
Rainbow Sash Movement

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