Pope Benedict XVI – Will he resign in 2012?

Bishop Walter Mixa and Pope Benedict XVI

Will Pope Benedict XVI resign as Pope when he reaches 85 in 2012? This was published on the front page of Libero’s a Italian Newspaper. The Vatican’s response while not directly denying it is masked in ambiguity. Their response was “The Pope has made this request to faithful across the world on quite a few occasions recently, including today in front of 100 thousand German Catholics who attended Benedict XVI’s mass on the Freiburg airport grounds.

Recently victims of clergy sexual abuse have sought to get the Pope brought before the world court of the European Common Market for his handling of the clergy sexual abuse scandal. Also, still outstanding in the minds of many is Benedicts XVI handling of the clergy sexual abuse scandal while Archbishop of Munich. Would his resignation save the Church from yet another scandal like the prior resignation of Bishop Walter Mixa of Augsburg in Bavaria ?

The Pope also lunched with the bishops from the German Episcopal Conference in Freiburg. He told the bishops that “structures are less important than faith.” The burden of the clergy sexual abuse is certainly beginning to take its toll on the Pope the question on the minds of some Vatican watchers is can he handle that growing pressure without retreating by resignation to his book world.

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