Archbishop Dolan’s Gay Bashing Letter to President Obama Challenged

Archbishop Dolan and Joe Murray, Executive Director Rainbow Sash Movement

Dear Mr. President:

I hope this letter finds you and your family in good health and spirits. I am writing this letter in the name of the Rainbow Sash Movement a national and international Catholic Gay and Lesbian Organization.

The purpose of this letter is to bring some balance to the letter you recently received from Archbishop Dolan concerning both Gay Marriage and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). I am glad to see the Archbishop is finally saying he is only speaking for US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCC B).

I am very embarrassed as a Gay Catholic that the Archbishop Dolan seems to imply that he or even the rest of the Bishops have any say on how Catholics will vote. In the last election we clearly voted overwhelmingly to support your election as president, contrary to the efforts of than USCCB President Cardinal Francis George of Chicago to persuade us to the contrary.

While I cannot and will not speak for all Catholics clearly Catholics across the board as poll after poll have shown side with your decision to bring fairness, and do what is right as pertains to the Defense of Marriage Act. I applaud your efforts and contrary to Archbishop Dolan dramatized letter the American Family is impacted more by poverty than anything else.

Had Archbishop Dolan addressed the impact divorce has on marriage I believe he would found more support among Catholics than attempting to stigmatize your efforts to bring fairness to American families who have been marginalized based on ignorance rather than on education.

Archbishop Dolan like his predecessor Cardinal Francis George claims the sky is falling but shows no proof of this fact. Such hysterical accusations cannot be proven, and in my opinion most reasonable people understand.

I would like thank you for all your efforts on behalf the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Community, and encourage you to stay the course. When it comes to voting in the next presidential election Catholics will once again overwhelmingly side with what is right and true contrary to direction some of our Catholic Bishops.


Joseph B. Murray
Executive Director
Rainbow Sash Movement

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