Why is Pope Benedict XVI Welcoming Anti-Semitism back into the Church?

Faith or Compromise

Apparently the schismatic and anti-sematic group will be welcomed back into the Church if they agree with a secretive “doctrinal preamble” listing several principles they must agree with in order to move toward full reconciliation with church. The traditionalist Society of St. Pius X is being treated differently than any other Catholic when it comes to fundamental matters of faith.

The current view of the Vatican is “true recognition of the magisterium and the authority of the pope and of the Second Vatican Council,” are fundamental to reconciliation. However, the statement was not concerned with St. Pius X opposition to the reform of the Mass, to much of the church’s work in ecumenical and interreligious dialogue particular as it applies to the Jews, and to the council’s stand on religious freedom.

The Vatican and Pope Benedict XVI appear to be preoccupied with compromise, as long as the privileged authority to Magisterium is honored. In this the Pope appears to be more concerned with the controversial issues of Vatican I rather than Vatican II.

The group also opposes the beatification of Pope John Paul II and, particularly, to Pope Benedict’s convocation of another interreligious meeting for peace in Assisi.

What the Rainbow Sash Movement finds so pathetically humorous in all this is that the Vatican seems to be engaged in a love/hate dance with this group over its views about anti-Semitism. By recognizing there are varying degrees of church teaching the Vatican may be embarking on the slippery slope of compromise that could have other un intended results particularly in the area of sexuality.

While the Vatican might believe the current talks with St. Pius X are about the concept of tradition, liturgical reform, interpretation of Vatican II in continuity with Catholic doctrinal tradition, church unity, ecumenism, the relationship between Christianity and non-Christian religions, and religious freedom the real issue is anti-Semitism, and how St. Pius X can impose its anti-Semitic view on the Catholic Church. Such drama could only take place at the Vatican, like a Wagnerian Opera we are awaiting its dramatic conclusion.

Peter Hammer
Rainbow Sash Movement 

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