Fr. Mychal Judge Gay Saint or Gay Sinner

Who is this Man?

Fr. Mychal Judge a Gay Saint or Gay Sinner, the question focuses on whether he honored his vows or not. Was he celibate or not? What we do know about him is that he did not self-identify as gay contrary to the opinions of some who now want to make of him something he was not a gay saint. If he was gay he lived a closeted life that operated in the priestly world of clericalism.

What is known about homosexual priests is that they lived out the Church’s view of shame. Instead of challenging from the inside they learned to swim in ocean of homophobia in ship of clericalism. Perhaps Fr. Judge was a human being who happened to be a priest, and lived out a double life style. Sainthood should never be held as an end of life act, but rather a life lived with true integrity in the service of God.

I do not claim to know Fr. Judge personally, but I do know the clerical mold he was cast in. Such a mold has done untold harm to individual members of the Gay Community because the products of this mold lacked the courage to speak up in the face of the AIDS Pandemic, the high incidence of gay youth suicides, and the violence directed at the Gay Community.

It is not my intent to judge Fr. Judge, rather to look at him as human being who had much to struggle with in his life because of his sexual orientation. I don’t know if he is a Gay Saint or a Gay Sinner rather I suspect he is a combination of both.

Many souls lost their lives in the 911 slaughter either all were Saints because of that final act on their life, or none were. To come to any other conclusion is to trivialize their deaths.

Bob Morgan
Rainbow Sash Movement

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