Catholic Charities Promotes Bigotry

Attorneys Fail the Bigotry Test

As Gay Catholics the Rainbow Sash Movement (RSM) is pleased with the ruling of Judge John Schmidt in which he said it did no matter what the Illinois Civil Union’s law said because a more basic issue was at play: Is the state required to contract with Catholic Charities? The answer, he said, is no. The Illinois judge has ruled the state can end its adoption and foster care relationship with Catholic Charities, which refuses to place children with gay couples.

The Illinois Act which is known as the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act grants same-sex couples the state legal benefits of marriage.

This confrontation could have been avoided if the Illinois Catholic Conference would have put the adoptive/foster care child’s interest as its first priority. In private communication with the leadership of the Illinois Conference they have shown an arrogant refusal to even meet to discuss the issue. Refusing dialogue with the Gay Leadership on this matter has shown an unwillingness to explore at least the possibility of common ground on of what is in the best interest of the prospective orphans under their care.

Nearly 2,000 children in foster care are under the care of Catholic Charities in the three dioceses in question — Springfield, Peoria and Joliet, and their transition to other adoptive/foster agencies that put their needs first, thank God, can now begin.

The RSM hopes that the Illinois Catholic Conference will listen to Catholics, and approach the situation on a more pastoral level. The Conference must stop this adversarial role they have chosen to promote their own dogma over what is in the best interest of the Child, a position that appears to be out of step with the evolving majority of Illinois Catholics, and most adoption agencies.

State funding should not be used to promote discrimination in the name of religion over equality. If that is what the Illinois Catholic Conference and Catholic Charities wishes to do they will have to do it without the use of our tax dollars thank you Judge Schmidt.

Rainbow Sash Movement News

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