Bigotry Justified by Good Works – Target?

Diversity does not equal bigotry

Can bigots do good works? The answer to that question is of course they can, but does the good works make them any less a bigot. So when such groups as Focus on the Family uses both religious faith and good works as tool to promote their brand of bigotry they must be challenged by people of faith who firmly believe that Jesus Christ does not discriminate against people.

Doing good works is a good thing, but it can be used as bandage to mask the festering cancer of bigotry in our society. Catholics are all too familiar with the role our catholic bishops have played in the clergy sexual abuse scandal, and they also try to hide their faults in this matter behind good works.

When companies such as Target say they enable customers to support a diverse array of causes and groups according to spokeswoman Jessica Carlson, they are implying that Bigotry to Gay People is acceptable, and I suspect Gay Customers are hearing that message loud and clear.

The New York-based CGBG, formerly known as Christian Values Network, allows online shoppers to authorize a percentage of their purchase dollars to go to the charity of their choice, secular or religious, including Colorado Springs- based Focus.

John Higgins president of Charity Give Back Group.(CGBG) apparently believes what he believes somehow makes his form of bigotry less homophobic because he promotes it both in the name of religion and good works. The road to hell has been paved with good works done which were done in the name of hate, one only has to remember the holocaust This is not about thinking differently it is about promoting bigotry.

The only way to tell gay youth things are getting better is for gay adults to start walking the talk in their purchasing habits. Perhaps Target is not the best place to spend gay money.

Bob Wells
Rainbow Sash Movement

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