Archbishop John C. Favalora of Miami Part of the Lavender Mafia or not?

Lavender Mafia Leader or not???

Is the Archdiocese of Miami controlled by Gay Clergy? Fundamentalist Catholics appear to believe it is. Recently part of the Temple Police a group known as Christifidelis has set their sights on the Archbishop Emeritus of Miami John C. Favalora. He is accused of being the head of a “homosexual super culture” in the 195 churches, schools, missions, seminaries, and universities that constitute the Miami Archdiocese..

What do we know of Archbishop Favalora? First he was the most powerful Catholic  official in Southern Florida up from 1994 through 2010. He is accused of being a leading part of the mythical lavender mob. rampant sex, hedonism, embezzlement, alcoholism, and the railroading of chaste priests among them—while punishing those with the temerity to complain.

Archbishop Favalor supports the “Teaching Magisgterium” of the Church, supports the present Teaching of the Church on the homosexual person, as misguided as it is. Reasonable people look at these accusations and scratch their heads.

Accusations seem to be the currency of this Johnny Come Lately organization – Christifidelis. Where is the proof? Even if their accusations are true what would that say about the Vatican and Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Accusing the Archbishop of these misdeeds would be like judging both Popes for the part they played in selecting and promoting the Archbishop to the head of the Archdiocese of Miami, and then awarding him the honorary title of Archbishop Emeritus of Miami.

If the accusations turn out to be true that would not surprise the Rainbow Sash Movement, rather we would see that as a further example of dysfunctional Teaching on the Homosexual Person. On the other hand Christifidelis like the KKK is just another example of a bigoted group of people who are using their religion as way to camouflage their bigotry.

Where is the proof of these mud throwing accusations? Christifidelis is long on name calling, but is short on facts. How can any reasonable people not take these people as yet another example of permitted bigotry in the Church when it comes to Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender people. Let’s they either put up or shut up.

John Murphy
Rainbow Sash Movement

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