New York Gay Marriage Vs. Illinois Civil Unions

Which has more teeth the recently passed New York Gay Marriage Bill with its legislative bye outs, or the recently passed Illinois Civil Unions Bill? Many are celebrating the Gay Marriage bill recently passed in New York, while others are asking does the law allow for discrimination of gay couples over straight couples when it comes to adoption/foster care.

The situation taking place in Illinois over Civil Unions, and state wide religious adoption/foster care agencies seems to have more legal teeth then the New York Gay Marriage bill.

In Illinois if you except state funding you cannot discriminate against Gay couples, but under the New York Gay Marriage bill religious organizations will be able to continue to discriminate.

So it would appear that nether bill is perfect. New York’s Gay Marriage appears to allow for discrimination when it comes to adoption by gay couples, and Illinois Civil Unions Bill does not. Clearly neither is perfect, but both are a step in the right direction.

This only highlights the fact that what is needed is national legislation that would give same sex couples the same rights and responsibilities as straight couples. Who knows perhaps this  the inequities will be handled by the overturning of the California’s Prop 8 that is making its way through the federal court system, and whatever the outcome will most likely be appealed to the US Supreme Court.

Jack Anderson
Rainbow Sash Movement

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