Archbishop Dolan’s Recent Blog post called Homophobic

Common Ground or No Ground

Archbishop Dolan of New York, who is also president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops just unleashed another homophobic tirade on his blog. Now the Archbishop not satisfied with the outcome of the passage of Gay Marriage in New York accuses its supporters of promoting promiscuity, adultery, and pre-marital sex.

“Nonmonogamy” now becomes the new buz word in the Archbishop’s psychobabble homophobic arsenal.  Using as support of this mentality he trots out one of the most virulent  homophobes today Professor Robert George at Princeton University whose argument that the ‘left’ finds it easier to cave in and the ‘right’ holds the prize for affirming marriage runs up against reality in divorce statistics among Christian people. And there, the hypocrisy of ‘the beam in our own eye’ stands for all to see.

Not satisfied with reasonableness the Archbishop than goes on to quote the two anti gay Catholics Myron Magnet and Kay Hymowitz who he claims show that the weakening of stable marriage and families is the cause of most social and cultural woes. In a nutshell this is a prime example of why gay marriage was passed in New York. The anti gay forces under the leadership of Archbishop Dolan ignored all reason  by promoting homophobia over reasonableness.

Dolan than goes on to apologize to Gay Catholics, a group he will not recognize, nor even enter into dialogue with for his homophobic rants. He still paints the picture that the sky is falling, and all are doomed because of this pro marriage legislation.

It is time for Archbishop Dolan to recognize that his privileged days are over. If you discriminate and break the law regardless of how you justify your homophobia you will be held accountable. This will not be like the clergy sexual abuse scandal where bishops were held to a different standard of responsibility.

Rainbow Sash Movement

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