Archbishop Dolan and the Catholic Bishops lose the Gay Marriage Debate In New York

Give Dialogue a Chance - Common Ground or No Ground

The New York State Senate voted last evening for Gay Marriage. Archbishop Dolan loses the Gay Marriage debate to reason. Dolan was above engaging individuals of various opinions about Gay Marriage, while the opposition was not.

Nearly 40 percent of New York voters are Catholic, according to public opinion surveys and voter exit polls. Sadly for Archbishop Dolan it was most probably the Catholic Vote that help pass Gay Marriage. At play for many state senators was the question of how much the Catholic Hierarchy held sway over the Catholic Voter.

Passage of Gay Marriage in New York did not bode well for the leadership of either Archbishop Dolan, the New York Catholic Conference or the US Conference of Catholic Bishops of which Archbishop Dolan is its current president. Remember Dolan was elected its president because of the significance of the Archdiocese of New York as being the media center of the United States, and it was felt Dolan could easily manupulate the national media from that vantage point.  Who knows Dolan may have even lost his chance for being promoted to Cardinal over the passage of Gay Marriage in New York. What has become crystal clear is that the Catholic Hierarchy have lost a significant battle in the cultural wars with implications for the rest of the nation.

It is time for a new leadership among the Catholic Bishops that is based on reasonableness and not autocratic arrogance. Catholics and indeed the Citizens of New York obviously do not respond to a theocratic mentality when it comes to their voting habits. This realization will have caustic vibrations across the Nation for the Catholic Bishops, and further call into question their moral leadership.

The Rainbow Sash Movement is calling on Archbishop Dolan, the New York Catholic Conference,  and by extension the US Conference of Catholic Bishops to enter into a new era of dialogue  with us that is based on mutual respect and reason, and not negative stereotypes that are based on homophobia and not the Gospels.

Board of Directors
Rainbow Sash Movement

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