Catholic Bishops of New York Dismiss Dialogue

Supporting Discrimination is not about Faith

The New York Catholic Conference is busy trying to confuse the issue on Gay Marriage in New York.  The Conference wishes to promote the idea that freedom of Religion requires that discrimination be allowed against Gay and Lesbian couples.

Discrimination is the issue not freedom of religion. Certainly the Rainbow Sash Movement understands that change is very difficult, and that things happen stages. But clinging to a mentality that only the religious privileged maintain their right to  discriminate against gays without just cause is the height of corrosive hypocrosy.

So the battle lines are in place, and what we are witnessing is the hight of unbridled homophobia masked with the pepering of pius platitudes, that only do damage to innocent gay couples.

The Rainbow Sash Movement has consistently called for dialogue only to be dismissed. We have called for such dialogue with the Illinois Catholic Conference of Bishops prior to the disasterious decision to close some adoption agencies/foster care facilities. Likewise we have called on the New York Catholic Conference  to enter into a dialogue process without the filter of the media. It would appear that communication is also a threat to religious belief.

If we cannot speak directly to each other than more Catholic adoption/foster care agencies that receive funding from the respect states will be closed down.  But the responsibility of these closures will not be on the state’s part for inforcing none discrimination laws, or the issue of Gay Marriage/Civil Unions rather it will be on the shoulder of the Bishops who arrogantly refused any form of dialogue.

We believe what is called for now is prayer, love, and compassion.

Board of Directors
Rainbow Sash Movement

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