USCCB Video Opposing Gay Marriage Does Not Hold Water

It is about facts not lies

The US Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)  have just released a video that shows how intellectually hollow, and bleached of truth the Bishops arguments are concerning Gay Marriage.  The truths promoted in this video are void of any historical reality. Making statements without any factual basis such as violence is done to children when adopted by same sex couples will endure as the intellectual last wag of the dog’s tail on a question that has long been solved in the minds of many Catholics.

The USCCB’s video obviously subscribes to the Sarah Palin school of research by simply saying it makes it so. The Bishops have obviously turned their back on the ample body of evidence that marriage is a changing institution. The “undeniable truth” about what marriage means is not based on gender differences, but on the place that love, and fidelity play in the developing institution of marriage.

One may disagree with how marriage has changed over time, but these disagreements should not be license to pass over historical realities. It is reasonable to expect disagreements on this matter, but truth claims must be based on reality and not negative stereotypes, they must hold water.

The fact that the video is more concerned with the sexual differences of the parents show us just out of touch the Bishops are on the matter of parenting. The video engages in reversal or inversions. The intellectual strategy of turning things upside down and inside out so as to end up with the very opposite of what is intended.

This video represents the last ditch effort by the Bishops to hold back the steady, but certain march to Gay Marriage and Equality. The video does not present a deeply thought out theological response, but does show how out of touch and hystierical the Catholic Bishops are on the issue of Gay Marriage.

Jack Anderson
Rainbow Sash Movement

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