New York Gay Marriage a tipping point

Time to get on board with Equality

The State Senate of New York is about to vote on same sex marriage, the New York State House passed it . Make no mistake about this vote, the outcome at this point is very close. The vote on the bill appears to be a tie, with at least two Republicans saying they are undecided. A vote in the State Senate could come as early as Friday.

Several senators also have religious concerns, intensified by powerful opposition to same-sex marriage from Roman Catholic Church leaders and some rigorously Orthodox rabbis. The proposed legislation provides for what are called “carve-outs”: Members of the clergy who object to such marriages would not be obligated to perform them or to allow their houses of worship to be used for them.

This only seems like a lack of common sense since these carve-outs  are not based on any reality. It is stated nowhere in the current legislation that priests, ministers, rabbis or imams must preside over ceremonies that violate their consciences. This is obiously a red herring that is being used by the bigots to distract the focus from what the legislation is truly about “Equality.”

Perhaps one of the New York’s most prominent Catholic Bishop’s, Archbishop Dolan, has added his brand of hysteria by stating in his recent blog that “God, not Albany, has settled the definition of marriage a long time ago.” This is New York and America, not China or North Korea, the archbishop said. “In those countries,” he wrote, “government presumes daily to ‘redefine’ rights, relationships, values and natural law.”

History shows that relationships, values and even notions of what is meant by natural law have all been redefined by mankind throughout history.

Concepts of what constitutes a couple have undergone transformations as well.

Approve of the trend or not, an ever-growing majority of New Yorkers, and their elected representatives, now feel much the same way.

The Rainbow Sash Movement is once again calling on the Catholic Conference of New York to stop promoting bigotry over common sense, ground itself in facts and not negative stereotypes. It is time to listen to New York’s “Sense of the Faithful” on this matter.

Bill O’Connor
Rainbow Sash Movement

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