GLAAD is Not Catholic

Speaking with Integrity

Controversy has been swirling around a Boston parish that was planning to host a mass tied to Gay Pride Month. 

The conservative bloggers went after Cardinal O’Malley insisting that the liturgy was an endorsement of the “Gay Agenda”.  When people allow their prejudices to guide their common sense they usually end up make a fool of themselves. I suspect that is what will happen in the Archdiocese of Boston.

Rev. John J. Unni, the Pastor of St. Cecilia’s Roman Catholic Church said in his homily “You are welcome here, gay or straight, rich or poor, young or old, black or white,’’ Unni said as he paced up and down the center aisle. “Here, you all can say, ‘I can worship the God who made me as I am.’’ These are very strong words, and they received a standing ovation from the congregation, but will they be enough.

Certainly there are wonderful individuals who minister to the Lesbian and Gay Catholic Community. However, the sad reality we face in the Church is that US Conference of Catholic Bishops have made it abundantly clear that Gay and Lesbian Catholics are only welcome in the Church if they remain hidden. What type of a welcome is that?

I agree with the Rainbow Sash Movement’s Executive Director Joe Murray, he said that some painful questions have to be asked about the situation in the Church as concerns ministry to Lesbian and Gay Catholics. If we understand we are not welcome by the Bishops, but we are welcomed by Jesus Christ, than there is a integrity to our position. But if we need the Bishops permission to be members of the Church, we are worse than clueless.

I am not sure how I feel about outside a non Catholic organizations such as GLAAD encouraging people to attend and Dignity Mass that is held in non Catholic location, in protest of the  cancellation. I hope that GLAAD is just acting out of ignorance of the Catholic experience, and is not using this situation to promote a anti Catholic view.

If we are going to begin to deal with homophobia it must begin in the parishes. You can have all the conferences, and politically correct liturgies outside the Church, and they will make no difference. Only by bringing this discussion into the Parishes will we be able to begin the process of dismantling the homophobic structures of the Church.

These are challenging times in our Church, but they are also hope filled times. Well intention-ed non Catholics will not be able to correct this situation, only practicing Catholics can, and that must involve both Gay and Straight Catholics. There is no doubt in my mind that the good people of  St. Cecilia’s Church have began this conversation if you are going to doing anything I would say support the St. Cecilia’s Parish, and its pastor.

The Rainbow Sash Movement calls on GLAAD to think before it speaks.

Ben Smith
Rainbow Sash Movement

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