Gospel Values and Stonewall Values

Pride without Love Is Hallow

If we do not have our beliefs we have nothing. Today begins Gay Pride around the world. Much of that celebration is about remembering and honoring. Our community has much to be proud of, and rightly celebrates: however, celebration without thankfulness is meaningless. Do we win by beating other people over the head or do we win by changing hearts? Is Charity so out of the question in our dealings with those who do not agree with us? Is respectful listening such a terrible thing? Is it up to us change people’s hearts and minds, or is there another dimension at play?

There is a lot of love in our community. Being a human community we also understand there is anger, and sometimes intolerance for opinions that differ from ours. How we respond to such situations will tells others outside our community who we are in our core values. How do we strive for common ground will speak to our integrity more than who is right or wrong. While this process can be time consuming, and frustrating, at the end of the day it will bring balance and harmony.

Across the nation our community is fiercely involved in the Gay Marriage Debate, and in its name some of us have become as intolerant as those we say we challenge on this issue. So than how can we make a difference?  The Rainbow Sash Movement believes we cannot have our next heart beat without God, so it is to God we should be thankful. Thankfulness is a form of prayer that is so simple and yet so necessary if we are to make any progress in our spiritual journey. Part of our journey is to recognize our faults and move forward with hope.

LGBT Catholics have a challenge this Pride Month. Will we remain hidden in our parishes and the Gay Community, or will we self-identify without hesitation or shame in both arenas of our lives?

We are given an choice will our beliefs highlight our behavior, or will our behavior  highlight our beliefs the choice is yours Christ, or convenience?

These are indeed challenging times for Charity, hope, and love but they are the only sure way bring peace to our parishes, Church, and Communities. Stonewall values and Gospel Values are not so very different, but without love both are hallow.

Joe Murray
Executive Director
Rainbow Sash Movement

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