Fortunate Families???

The present situation within the Church’s ministry to the homosexual person is in a shambles. I think all serious and reasonable people within the Church believe it is time for a much needed maturation on the issue.

Right now the only thing the Church offers LGBT Catholic’s is so called Ministries which either offer change therapy, something that is actively promoted by Courage. Or the promiscuous living out of one’s sexuality which appears to be the alternative to celibacy.

Than we have Catholic groups who proclaim their love of LGBT people such as Fortunate Families, but refuse to allow Gay Parents to serve on their board. Their rational for this surprising position is they lack resources to incorporate LGBT families. But their board has no problem meeting in Catholic facilities where they proclaim the homophobic Teaching of the Church, and then meet in other facilities and proclaim just the opposite.

The Rainbow Sash Movement is not so sure this speaking out of both sides of your mouth is helpful in creating a worthwhile and authentic ministry to LGBT People. The message gets confusing causing only pain for LGBT Catholics and confusion when they hear that Catholic Church welcomes gays to it. I do not doubt Fortunate Families good intentions, but one only has to view the level of Catholic LGBT Catholics being fired from their posts in Catholic educational and charitable organizations within the Church to understand how dangerous such a message is.

We believe any ministry that claims to promote Catholic values must understand that in the present day Church those values are easily set aside in the name of discrimination.

Bill O’Connor
Rainbow Sash Movement

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Archbishop John Nienstedt must release the findings of an investigation into allegations that he engaged in sexual misconduct

The editorial staff at the National Catholic Reporter says Archbishop John Nienstedt should release the findings of an investigation into allegations that he engaged in sexual misconduct, including claims that he made unwanted sexual advances toward a former Twin Cities priest, according to a report posted online in June by Commonweal Magazine.

Editors at National say the law firm Greene Espel finished looking into the claims on July 29 and say delaying the disclosure of information “point(s) to patterns of cover-ups.”

We have completed our work for the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. We have provided a written report as requested by the archdiocese,” Matthew Forsgren at Greene Espel told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS on Friday.

“Any questions regarding the investigation and report should be directed to the archdiocese.”

Friday’s editorial also goes on to say the archdiocese has damaged its relationship with the Twin Cities community because it has not been transparent into allegations of abuse, including those involving children, from the start:

The Rainbow Sash Movement echoes the calls by the National Catholic Reporter’s editoral position on the matter. It is time for Archbishop Nienstedt to come clean.

RSM News Team

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New York St. Patrick’s Parade Turnaround on Homophobia

After years of strong resistance, organizers of New York’s St. Patrick’s Day parade on Wednesday said gays and lesbians will be allowed to march under their own banner for the first time, and Cardinal Timothy Dolan — the parade’s grand marshal next March — has welcomed the move.

In what appears to be a comprise Cardinal Dolan has bowed to allowing LGBT Participants in New York’s St. Patrick’s Parade. However the organizers understand the storm brewing among major corporate sponsors such as Guinness could of had more of a impact on the parade organizers decision. Dolan was bought off by the decision to make him grand marshal of this years parade.

The Rainbow Sash Movement feels the many LGBT people over the years putting  pressure on major politicians, and corporate sponsors had more effect than the Cardinal Dolan inept pronouncements of the Catholic Church’s Teaching. Thank you the LGBT Community for your resolve to confront  homophobia in New York.

Another obvious victory for LGBT People.

RSM News Team

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Is Dialogue Possible?

The Chicago Rainbow Sash Movement 



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East Coast Vs. Midwest Roman Catholic Leadership

Fortunate Families board of directors comes to Chicago. The Rainbow Sash Movement the only Roman Catholic LGBT organization headquartered in the Midwest welcomes them. We realize that Fortunate Families is part of a East Coast Coalition called Equally Blest. The question the Board of Directors of the Rainbow Sash Movement has for the Fortunate Families board is good works enough, what of Justice for our community?

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Pope Francis Must Condemn International Homophobia


The Rainbow Sash Movement believes that if the Synod of Bishops to take place in October is to have any real meaning, Pope Francis must condemn international homophobia as being anti life and anti-family.

Additionally, we are calling for the disciplining those African Bishops in both Uganda and Kenya who have actively engaged in the promotion of bigotry in the Church’s name. Their  support  of draconian laws whose only purposes are homophobic must be condemned as both anti Life and anti-family.

Board of Directors
Rainbow Sash Movement

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Cardinal George and Joe Murray, Executive Director of the Rainbow Sash Movement Debate


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